BANANA SPLIT - You have been recruited by Questlog, a system that seeks to fulfill patrons' requests.  Complete various tasks for NPCs.

Active Skill: Banana Split - Allows the user to separate into a physical form and a spirit form.  Activates every 5 berries accumulated.

Passive Skill: Respawn


Press 'Z' to chat with characters.

Move main body using arrow keys.

Move spirit form using WASD keys.

Make sure to not let the forms collide with each other.


Blueberry's Quest - Gather any five berries.

Berry Forest - Utilize your special ability! First go through the left passage with your spirit form, then go through the right one with your main form.

Shadow Forest - Collect 100 items while avoiding the nasties (highlighted in red). Each nasty you encounter will steal one of your food items, so try to steer clear of them!

Witchy's Request - Gather 3 berries for Witchy. Every time 20 berries are collected, a herb will spawn. The herbs can be picked up only by a spirit form.

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